Seven Steps to Securing a UK Visa
UK Visa

Embarking on a career in the UK can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. In between finding a house, making arrangements for family members, and perhaps undergoing language or cultural training, there is the tedious UK visa application process. By getting a head start on your visa application, you can help reduce the stress associated with moving overseas. To that end, here is a brief guide to successfully obtaining your visa. 
  1. Choose the right visa
    The UK operates on a points-based immigration system with five visa ‘Tiers’, or immigration categories. You will need to do some research to find out which visa category is right for you. There are several authoritative UK immigration websites offering useful information.
    Beyond visa Tiers 1 to 5, other UK immigration categories include fiancÚ and marriage visas, ancestry visas, and indefinite leave to remain. Each visa category has different income, education, and other requirements. You must meet or surpass the required points allocation for a category in order to be granted a visa.

  2. Prepare your finances
    It’s critical to check the financial requirements for your UK visa well in advance of your application. Each visa category has different rules regarding the amount of funds you must have in your bank account.
    Most visa categories require you to have a certain amount of money in your account at the time of application, while others require a specific amount to be reflected in your account for a certain number of months. Your bank account will also need to show a larger balance if you apply from your home country rather than the UK. 
    You should give yourself enough time to obtain or transfer the necessary funds and reflect that amount in your bank balance consistently for the required length of time.

  3. Prepare your documents
    You will need to provide evidence through documentation that you meet the visa requirements. Examples of documents you may need to submit are letters of employment by a UK company, university acceptance letters, or proof of financial stability. For fiancÚ visas, you may need to submit emails, letters, photos, or jointly-addressed bills to prove you and your partner have been living together for a certain amount of time.
    The exact requirements vary widely depending on the visa category you’re applying for, so it’s important to understand the checklists that apply to your case. 

  4.  Submit your application
    There are several options for submitting your visa application. The fast-track route is ideal for those pressed for time, while applicants with budgetary constraints and flexible moving dates often choose standard submission. Some applicants file directly with the government while others choose to have professional immigration services take care of their application. 
    UK visa applications also require biometric data from applicants in the form of a 10-digit finger scan and digital headshot. The biometrics centre where you have your appointment will submit your data to the UK Border Agency on your behalf.

  5. Schedule time for inconveniences
    You may encounter glitches during the application process which are costly or delay the processing of your visa. For example, even if you are already living or travelling in the UK, you may have to apply for your visa from your country of nationality. You may be asked to provide additional documentation which will take some time for you to obtain. It’s important that you carefully check the conditions for obtaining your visa and give yourself plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements.

  6. Get your visa stamped in your passport
    Surprisingly, UK immigration officials occasionally lose visa application documents, or parcels get lost in the post. Make sure you have copies of every document you submit for your application. It can take weeks to secure replacements in the event of misplacement. If possible, send your passport and other documents by registered mail to the institution that is taking care of your visa stamp – whether a UK consulate, courier service, or immigration consultancy – to prevent loss during transit.
    Make sure to factor in the length of time for your passport to travel by post in both directions and the time it will take to have the visa stamped before booking travel to the UK.

  7. Make travel arrangements after your visa is approved
    It is advisable to wait until you have your passport back with the visa stamped inside before making travel arrangements to the UK. It’s possible that a backlog in visa applications or other unforeseen problems may prolong processing time. Play it safe and spare yourself the expense and stress of missed flights or non-refundable hotel booking fees by waiting until you have your visa in hand.

Source: Global Visas 

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