New Zealand Student Visa for Indonesian Students
indonesian Students

1. Must have enrolment in a course in New Zealand (and show us a letter from School/ University) confirming your course and the course title, duration, fees etc.

 2. Receipt of payment from the institution may be submitted at a later date after an approval in principle letter from NZIS has been received by you.

 3. You must provide a guarantee of accommodation from either:

a.       the education provider offering the place, or

b.      some other person (NZ citizen/NZ resident) prepared and able to provide accommodation.

 4. Length of visa depends on the length of the course for which you are enrolled and the date to which fees have been paid.

 5. You must show us how you will support yourself while in New Zealand by completing the  Financial Undertaking for a Student form (this is to be completed by a relative in New Zealand or by parents in Indonesia and must be certified by the bank)

5. Current passport

6.   One recent colour passport size photograph (4 x 6 cm)

7.   Complete the “Application to Study in New Zealand” form

8.   Current fee is Rp. 1,400,000,- please pay in CASH, (non-refundable if the application has been declined).

9.   Must have a return ticket if you have paid fees for less than one year study.

10. Must submit a TB clearance if you intend to remain in NZ more than 6 months

11. Must submit full medical certificate if you intend to spend one year or more in New Zealand

12. It is recommended that you obtain a Police Certificate if your course is more than two years study.

13. Photocopy of Family ID Card (Kartu Keluarga) or KIMS/KITAS

Contact details

Phone  +62 21 5795 4120

Fax      +62 21 5795 4124

Staff contact details

Name Email address
Grayson Rowse
Branch Manager
Ratna Sarwo Estri
Immigration Manager
Vivi Widya Savitri
Visa Officer
Desiree Ahwil
Visa Officer
Jitu Miatri
Visa Officer
Savitri Sudjana
Admin Support Officer

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indonesian Students

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