New Zealand Student Visa for Mongolian Students
New Zealand Student Visa for Mongolian Students

  1. Valid passport or a notarised birth certificate and ID if you currently do not have a passport
  2. A recent passport-sized photograph

  3. Offer of a place

  4. Application fee

  5. Evidence of funds or completed and signed Financial Undertaking for a Student Form (NZIS1014)
  6. Health requirement, if applicable

  7. Character requirement, if applicable

Please note that your application will be returned unprocessed if any item mentioned above is missing 


  1. People intend to be in New Zealand for more than six months who are not from a low incidence TB country or who have spent more than three months in the past five years in a country not listed as a low incidence TB country must provide a completed Temporary Entry Chest X-ray Certificate (NZIS1096).
    (For full details and a list of low incidence TB countries please refer to the Health Requirements Leaflet (NZIS1121).

  2. People intend to be in New Zealand for more than 12 months must provide a completed Medical and Chest X-ray Certificate (NZIS1007). 

*Medical and X-ray certificate should be less than 3 months old at the time of lodgement, completed by any NZIS Panel Doctor (A full list is available at NZIS web site: People who have previously completed Medical and X-ray Certificates (NZIS1007) which at the time of this application will be less than 24 months old are not required to complete new Medical and X-ray Certificates (NZIS1007) unless requested to do so by a visa or immigration officer.

*Pregnant women and children age under the age of 11 are not required to have chest X-ray examination.  


Applicants aged 17 or over who intend to be in New Zealand for more than 24 months, must include a notarised Mongolian Police Clearance Certificate that is less than 6 months old at the time of lodgement. Applicants must also supply a photocopy of the original police clearance certificate letter issued by the local Police Bureau or Vice Squad which is less than 6 months old at the time of lodgement. Please note that a police clearance certificate letter issued by an applicant's work unit, work unit security department, street office or talent centre is not acceptable. 


  1. An original or notarised birth certificate with English translation

  2. Notarised relationship (kinship) certificate (or notary equivalent, relevant for Mongolian nationals) showing details of all immediate family members (parents, siblings, partner and children) including their full names and dates of birth, regardless of their residence status or citizenship.

  3. A letter in English explaining your choice of study course and your plan after the completion of the course.

  4. Offer of a place of a student place from a New Zealand educational institute.  The letter must include:

    • The name and the level of the course, including the minimum time required for completion
    • Notification of the fee for completed courses or where the course is more than one year, the annual fee is required.
    • Whether the student does or does not have to pay a course fee; and
    • The intended length of stay in New Zealand
    • Ensure academic offer is New Zealand Qualifications Authority approved.  Please check website:
  5. A letter from your current school showing your current level of schooling in Mongolia, or notarised evidence of any academic qualifications obtained with English translation.

  6. Original evidence of any qualifications completed in the last 5 years and details of any partially completed course you have undertaken or currently undertaking.

  7. A guarantee of accommodation from either the institution, or evidence from people who prepared and able to provide the accommodation.

  8. Evidence of sufficient funds for maintenance and tuition during your full period of intended stay in New Zealand.  Evidence can be but not limited to:

    • A letter from your parent(s) employer(s) or from the employer of the person responsible for your financial support.  The letter must be written on a company letterhead, bearing the company chop and the signature of the head of the company or by the responsible person of the personnel/human resource department.  This letter should include:

    Ø      Annual income (including bonuses, and any commission earned)

    Ø      Length of employment and position(s) held. 

    • If your parents are the sole proprietors and/or shareholders of a business, then they need to submit:

    Ø      Original or notarised business license

    Ø      A certificate issued by the relevant branch of the Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau (ICAB) (note: ICAB is China requirement – Mongolians nationals should provide Mongolian equivalent)  confirming the shareholder details

    Ø      Business tax returns for the past 2 years

    Ø      Income statement for the last financial year

    Ø      Stamped bank documents showing daily business transactions for the last financial year

    Ø      Statement from the business owner on an official company letterhead indicating the date the business has been established, the type of business conducted and the number of employees

    • If you are financially supporting your own studies in New Zealand, a letter from your employer and your partner’s employer (if applicable), as outlined above.
    • Evidence of all bank transactions/activity conducted by you, your parents and/or the person responsible for your financial supporting covering a period of no less than 12 months prior to the application.
    • Additional evidence of financial ability includes bank statements, photocopies of completed bankbooks, deposit slips, personal income tax returns as well as stock transaction reports with the history shown for the past 12 months and the stock ownership certificate if the money has gained from such investments. Original documents are preferred.
    • Large deposits made within the past 6 months should be accompanied by appropriate documents to prove the history and the source of the funds such as interests slips, stock transaction receipts, etc.  Please include a written explanation of the history and the source of those funds.
    • If the person responsible for your financial support lives abroad, a copy of their most recent income tax statement, a letter from their employer indicating current position and annual income and proof of their legal resident status or citizenship is required.  In addition, please provide a statutory declaration of sponsorship indicating the amount of money offered the length of the sponsorship, the reasons for the offer and whether the funds are being provided as a gift or as a loan.
    • Student loan


Please provide the following documents after the Beijing branch has given an Approval in Principle: 

  1. Evidence of payment of course fees (this should be faxed or e-mailed directly to us by the institution)

  2. An updated offer of place from the New Zealand institute, advising the commence and finish date of the course you have paid for

  3. Evidence of funds for maintenance while in New Zealand, which can be either:

    (i)       A letter or certificate from a bank in New Zealand confirming that funds of the equivalent of NZ$ 10,000 have been deposited in New Zealand; or if the course is less than 36 weeks NZ$ 1,000 per month or NZ$ 400 per month if accommodation is pre-paid; (travellers cheques in the name of the student are acceptable); or

    (ii)     A letter from the educational institution confirming that accommodation and other living expenses are included in the prepaid package (e.g., homestay); or

    (iii)   The form ‘Financial Undertaking for a Student’ certified by a bank in New Zealand

  4. Valid passport, where one has not been provided previously

  5. Health document

  6. Character document

*Medical insurance is now compulsory for students undertaking courses less than two years. Students will not be eligible for health benefits. 


  1. New Zealand Immigration Service reserves the right to request additional information in the course of assessing an application and to retain information and documents on file.

  2. We will assess whether you are likely to be a genuine student.  Once a decision is made, there is no right of appeal.

  3.  If original documents are in Mongolian, you should provide English translation.

  4.  Notary certificates will be kept by the branch after the finalisation of your application (Notary certificates will only be returned if a copy of it is provided with the application.)

  5.  If you provide false or misleading information your application may be declined.

  6. Your application will be processed approximately within 30 days.  Applications submitted without the required documents will take longer to process.  Please do not purchase an airline ticket before you obtain a visa.

  7.  If you are given a visa you must arrive within the validity on the visa, your Student’s visa will not be extended.  If you are unable to arrive within the validity date of your visa,  you must lodge a new application. 


Submit your completed application to:
Beijing Branch
Immigration New Zealand
2-5-1 Ta Yuan Diplomatic Office Building
14 Liangmahe Nanlu
Beijing 100600, PR China

Application fee: RMB: 1050 or USD: 155  ( For USD cash or bank draft, please add US$10 bank fee to total amount paid )
Postage fee: If you would like us to return your passports or original documents by EMS courier, please provide an extra RMB 40 or USD 5 for postage anywhere in China; or RMB 200 or USD 25 for postage anywhere overseas (relevant to Mongolian applicants).
Please note that fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Payment methods

  • We only accept cash payment at our counter.

  • Please do not send cash in the mail.

  • For mail-in applications, we accept Post Office money orders for RMB payments. Please follow the instructions below if you pay by post office money order:

    • Please put the full name and the date of birth of the principal applicant on the money order, and include a copy of the money order receipt in your visa application

    • Please do not add password or PIN number to the money order.

    •  We also accept US dollar bank drafts issued by banks outside China (relevant to Mongolian applicants).  For USD cash or bank draft payment, please add USD10 bank fee to the total amount paid.  Please include the application fee and other applicable fees into one cheque

  • We do not have credit card payment facilities at present.

It is important to note that lodging a New Zealand Visa application does not guarantee approval and the application fee is non refundable.

You should read this checklist along with the “Guide for a Student Visa” (NZIS1013).  For more information please visit our website at

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