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New Zealand students normally undertake secondary education from Years 9 - 13 which is roughly from the age of 13 to 18. Schooling is compulsory until the student reaches his/her 16th birthday. High Schools are also sometimes referred to as colleges in local parlance. New Zealand students graduate from high schools with the NCEA qualification which is government supported.

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There are three types of school: state, private (or registered or independent) and state integrated schools. State and state integrated schools are government funded. Private schools receive about 25% of their funding from the government [1], and rely on tuition fees for the rest. State integrated schools are former private schools which are now "integrated" into the state system under the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 [2] "on a basis which will preserve and safeguard the special character of the education provided by them". According to Independent Schools New Zealand, an advocacy group for private schools, about 86% of all school-aged children attend state schools, 10% attend state integrated schools and 4% attend private schools [3].

Many private schools, state area schools and state integrated schools take students from Years 0 to 13, or Years 7 to 13

Secondary school qualifications

The qualification for which secondary school students in New Zealand study is called the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). It is officially recognised in New Zealand and internationally by employers, universities and polytechnics.
Read the New Zealand Qualification Authority's description of NCEA, or find out more from the NCEA website.

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