Study in New Zealand
New Zealand, famous for its amazing scenery, is a great country - a fun place to visit and a superb study destination. These features are now enjoyed by more than 20,000 international students studying in New Zealand at all levels of the education system. They enroll on short term courses such as English language programs, secondary schools courses in preparation for enrolment into tertiary institutions, or vocational courses and degree programs.

New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. It offers a safe learning environment which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. Courses are available for academic, professional and vocational studies at universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, secondary schools and private training establishments


New Zealanders are well traveled, with a great interest in people from other cultures, so visitors and international students soon feel more than welcome. Campuses are highly international, with students from all corners of the globe studying and socializing together. Students come from Europe, South East Asia, the UK, North Asia, Japan, South America, India, and Australia, amongst many others.

New Zealand offers a progressive education to help students take a leading place in the exciting global environment, with many New Zealanders working internationally or involved in collaborative research with many prestigious overseas universities. There are many state-of-the-art facilities, and with many institutions spearheading several new technological developments, students have access to more advanced technology than they could wish for. As a result, New Zealand produces top graduates who can take their place with confidence in the international arena.

Why Choose New Zealand?

  • To receive a high standard of education and internationally recognized qualifications
  • To enjoy excellent facilities and study support as an international student.
  • English is the everyday language of New Zealanders
  • The institutions in New Zealand offer a stimulating academic environment. They are diverse in size and location, and offer as many general and specialist programs as anywhere in the world
  • New Zealand has a temperate climate, which allows an enormous range of recreational activities such as swimming, golf, rugby, sailing, bushwalking, tennis and water and snow skiing, all in close proximity to the educational institutions
  • New Zealanders are well known for their warm hospitality to overseas visitors. International students are welcomed onto our campuses, and appreciated for the enrichment they offer both academically and culturally.

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