Thoughts on Working in Dubai
  Episode 4

Until the financial crises loomed the job market in Dubai was incredible and salaries were high in comparison to Western countries such as the US and UK. However, while the bubble burst somewhat and many people (especially in the housing and estate related industries were made redundant) Dubai is recovering and some industries are getting back on their feet.

Recruiting Now

Engineering and architecture is something which has made Dubai world famous and that means that no matter how deep the economic slump in the rest of the world money is still being poured in to building and improving Dubai`s buildings and bridges. That means that if you`re an engineer or architect, finding work in Dubai right now is still quite easy. Equally construction and facility management and maintenance are both areas that are booming.

Despite the loss of jobs in banks throughout the rest of the world over the past few years, banking in the UAE is also a big business and bankers shouldn`t find it too difficult to land themselves a Dubai dream job right now. Meanwhile, where does that money go? The shops! Dubai has a fabulous shopping culture and that makes retail and sales huge growth areas right now and also sums up our final booming industry where you could find it easy to get a job!

Dubai Culture

It`s important to understand the work culture and general etiquette in Dubai because things work differently in the UK. Dubai is a new city and it`s less than 50 years old which means it`s still young and fresh faced. The shiny and very modern appearance of Dubai sometimes misleads people in to thinking it`s very liberal and Western culturally but Sharia (Muslim) law is active in Dubai and different rules apply to the behaviour of Dubai residents than residents in the UK. Drinking alcohol for example is strictly kept to hotel bars and that means socialising is done by British expats at hotels for that reason.

Also, Friday is the Muslim Sabbath, (much like Sunday is the Christian one) so often people in Dubai are not required to work on Fridays. Sunday to Thursday is therefore the official working week in Dubai. The Islamic calendar changes and shifts every year depending on the moon and other variables so the only way to really know the calendar for the coming year is to wait until it`s `released.` `On time` can also mean something different within the culture of Dubai, it really means in the time it reasonably takes to perform the task. Meetings or deadlines can also be more flexible than in the UK, however, timeliness and punctuality is still highly respected in Westerners and some might even say expected.

Despite various differences to the UK, Dubai is a business center and is famous for offering incredible remuneration, chances to develop a career and other inclusive perks in employment packages. That makes it a great place to choose to start your next job!

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