The Australian unemployment rate is at an all time 31 year low resulting in a significant shortage of skilled workers.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that in Queensland, the unemployment rate has dropped sharply to 3.4 per cent, in seasonally-adjusted terms. The number of people looking for work fell to just under 76,000 in April.

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In Victoria, it has fallen to 4.8 per cent, with the number of people looking for work down to 130,000.

In New South Wales, the unemployment rate has remained unchanged at 5.1 per cent, in seasonally-adjusted terms. In April, the number of people looking for work rose to 179,000.

The Western Australian figure has held steady at 2.7 per cent, or just under 30,000 people.
The unemployment rate has also remained unchanged in South Australia at 5.3 per cent, seasonally-adjusted. The number looking for work edged up to 42,000. But in the Northern Territory, the unemployment rate has jumped to 4.3 per cent in trend terms, up to 4,500 people.

Tasmania's unemployment rate has also risen to 5.6 per cent. The number of people looking for work rose back above 13,000.
In the ACT, the unemployment rate edged up to 3.4 per cent in trend terms, or 6,600 people.

South Australia's unemployment rate remained steady at 5.3 per cent seasonally adjusted. The state's youth unemployment rate stands at 25.1 per cent. The SA Government says the youth unemployment rate fell almost 4 per cent last month.

The Australian Government is specifically targeting individuals who have skills or outstanding abilities to fill the skilled workers shortage in the Australian Workforce and who can contribute to the Australian economy.

Over 200,000 jobs are advertised each week in Australia, creating incredibly diverse job opportunities for skilled professionals, tradespeople or students graduating from Australian universities.

Your career prospects in Australia will depend on the job market in your field, your credentials, licensing and may also be subject to other criteria.
Your method of job hunting will depend on your circumstances, location and professional objectives. The most common forms of job hunting in Australia are:

  • Newspapers
  • Agencies
  • Online
  • Canvassing

As a jobseeker, your first step will be to find out which Visa will allow you to legally work in Australia and more important, which Visa you qualify for.


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