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Target your resume – when preparing for resumes, make sure it’s targeted for a particular job. Don’t just use the same resume for 10 different jobs.

Be prepared – Have your resume with you at all times, also it is a good idea to have fresh copies of you resume prepared in case you are called up for an interview at the last minute.

Have a buddy system – it is always a good idea to catch up with friends that are also looking for jobs. Arrange a weekly, fortnightly meeting to exchange advice and talk about accomplishments, strategies, and plans.

Follow leads immediately - If you find out about a position late in the day, call right then. Don't wait until the next day.

Know your industry - you should remain up-to-date on current issues or development in your field. Having knowledge of the latest coup in the industry is one way to impress an employer during an interview.

Stay confident – Job hunting is almost a full time job in itself. So be prepared to tough it out. Don’t be disgruntled if you get rejected, get back up and try again. It is not uncommon for job seekers to take up to 3-6 months to find the right job.

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