Top Ten Ways to Find a Job Overseas
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is generally the first task on anyone’s list when trying to make a major life change. When you want to move somewhere overseas, this becomes all too important. And unless you’re independently wealthy, it’s a necessity in order to pay for your new life. Here are ten things that you can do to find a job.

1. Talk to your current job about other offices- If you work for an international company, you might be able to find a job at an international location by requesting a transfer.

2. Talk to your current job about telecommuting - Some jobs are quite flexible in terms of allowing employees to work off site. This could be a possibility for you too.

3. Look over the internet - Everyone seems to be finding jobs through the internet these days in every city on the planet. Simply type in your preferred location and see what pops up for you.

4. Be honest about your current situation - When you’re looking for a job overseas, it can help to tell your prospective employers about your plans. This will allow them to see whether or not you will be a long term worker for them, which can be a concern to their hiring department.

5. Brush up your resume/CV - Take the time to update your current resume so that your skills and employment experience is accurate. You will also want to learn about how resumes might be formatted in your new country of origin.

6. Learn about possible interviewing techniques - Overseas employers may have different ways of interviewing prospective employees. Try to learn all that you can about what you can expect.

7. Learn local customs and greetings - Showing that you have thought ahead about what local custom are will show your willingness to be a part of a new team as well as new environment.

8. Showcase unique skills - While your current resume may already do this, make sure that you highlight things that might not be common in the country where you are applying for work.

9. Learn the language - Even if you only learn a few common phrases, this makes an excellent impression with a prospective employer.

10. Be yourself - Just as with any interview and job hunting process, to find the job that will be the right fit for you, you need to present yourself honestly and openly.

Finding a job isn’t always the hard part of the job hunt, but rather showing that you’re the right person for that job can be the tricky part.

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Top Ten Ways to Find a Job Overseas
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