English for Migrants in New Zealand

The English for Migrants programme enables migrants to have access to English language courses, supporting their integration into New Zealand society and the labour market.

The Department of Labour (Immigration New Zealand) requires some migrants to pre-purchase English language tuition as part of their residence requirement.

We administer this funding on behalf of the Department of Labour.

Migrants who have pre-purchased tuition as part of their residency can only access their entitlements through approved providers. These include universities, ITPs, PTEs, schools and OTEPs.

The dollar value of English language tuition provided depends on the migrant's level of English. Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for details of English Language requirements.
Some migrants have to pay the Department of Labour (Immigration New Zealand) for English language tuition before they get residency in New Zealand. If you had to do this, we have put your money into an account to pay for you to take English language courses once you are living in New Zealand.

Your account is used to pay for your student fees when you enrol in English language courses at an approved organisation. You can choose which approved organisation you want to study at and which English language courses you want to take. Your student fees will be the same amount as the student fees for other New Zealand citizens.

When you enrol in a course at an approved organisation, we will pay your student fees to the organisation. Your pre-paid fees must be used within five years of the date you paid the money to Immigration New Zealand.

You do not need to take out a student loan to pay your student fees, as your student fees are paid out of your pre-paid fees account. However, you may be able to get a student allowance and a student loan for course-related costs and living costs. Contact Studylink for more details.

English language courses are run all over New Zealand.

English language courses in your area

Auckland course information (PDF, 220 Kb)

Wellington course information (PDF, 68 Kb)

Christchurch course information (PDF, 94 Kb)

Other parts of New Zealand (PDF, 128 Kb)

When you are ready to take an English language course, please call us on 0800 601 301 to find out how to start your studies.

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